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The Device Pros produce a podcast which provides high level to in-depth technical information and resources to IT Pros around the world.  What are we selling here? Not a thing. That’s not a typo, there is no consulting, no managed services, no website design and no contracts.  No gadgets either, although we sometimes talk about new gadgets because, after all, we are geeks.  We just enjoy spreading some technology insights from our unique perspective, which is the delivery of Microsoft solutions to business both big and small anywhere in the world.

What is The Device Pros all About?

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This site was created as an information resource for any and all people interested in technology and the new generation of enterprise mobility.  The podcast format is an informal roundtable discussion style which consists of two hosts, Frank and Alfred asking questions, challenging each other and sharing their experiences to help other IT Pros figure out the what, when, where and why of technology.  Your hosts for The Device Pros Podcast, are Senior Consultant, Business Program Manager and Microsoft Certified Trainers who focus on designing, implementing and teaching others about Microsoft technology.  The podcasts are not only about Microsoft technology though, they include information about integration and management with Apple, Android and other platforms when applicable.

Is it just about technology and enterprise mobility?

With that said, we at The Device Pros have a strong belief that “information technology” is rapidly transforming into business requirements which leverage technology in pursuit of meeting business goals.  It’s nosurface pro 3 secret that the business side of a company hold the majority of funding provided to IT, and as that is the case IT should gain a better understanding of business.  Enterprise mobility isn’t about technology, its about business gaining advantage by enabling their employees, vendors and customers with rich digital moments.  It’s a simple statement but takes practice and study to master. When we map business needs to solutions which can deliver on those needs, we have a successful partnership where IT becomes a valued partner of a company and not just a requirement to send email.

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Listen in to hear about enterprise mobility, private to public cloud, client deployment and management, virtualization, the latest trends in IT and so much more.  Audio podcasts are released every other Wednesday and can be found on any major podcast hostcommunity such as Microsoft, iTunes, Stitcher and Miro.  Blog posts are created a couple of times per week. If you are new to the IT industry, or are a seasoned veteran, The Device Pros has something for you.  Please add us to your social medium of choice or sign up for our email list, or both!  This blog and podcast select topics and discussions based on your emails, tweets, likes, pins and feedback.  So don’t just sit back and listen, you are cordially invited to help steer the ship.